Upgrade Your Content Marketing Strategy with Customer-generated Content

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Incorporating User-generated Content (UGC) such as influencer insights and reviews in one’s marketing campaign is a helpful yet often underutilized strategy. Not only is UGC free, but you can leverage this earned resource from consumers and influencers and use it to promote your brand to a wider audience.

But for those looking to capitalize on UGC for their own small-to-medium-sized business, things are easier said than done. Maybe you’ve just launched your startup, or your company doesn’t have thousands of customers or influencers to tap yet. Maybe the funds and resources needed to kick off a massive marketing campaign aren’t available.

Here’s where Customer-generated Content (CGC), which is a form of “social proof”, comes to the rescue. By utilizing the voices of existing followers, you can take advantage of the situation and turn these customers into brand advocates. Even better, these “regulars” are already familiar with your brand and message you’re trying to promote.

Interested in incorporating CGC in your marketing strategy? Get started with these tips:

When you collect genuine, authentic customer reviews and display these prominently on your pages, you’re well on your way to harnessing CGCs to its full potential. Studies show that business owners and marketers that actively invite their customers to review their experience with the brand not only received more reviews, but also earned fair, accurate feedback. This is exactly the kind of information that potential customers value when making purchasing decisions.

Trustpilot, a global online review community with over 30 million reviews of 160,000 businesses, found that companies that proactively ask for reviews also, on average, received 83 percent positive feedback. As for negative feedback, keep in mind that flagging, reporting, or deleting negative reviews can be harmful to your brand image. No brand is perfect; therefore, customers may be wary or suspicious if all they see on your pages are only glowing, five-star reviews. You shouldn’t fear negative reviews; you just need to respond to and address customer concerns. These are enough to bring as much as 95 percent of unsatisfied customers back to your business.

Finally, harness and integrate CGCs across multiple marketing campaigns. This can result in added benefits that can lead to measurable and impactful gains. CGCs can help you qualify for rich-snippet star ratings and Google Seller Ratings, both of which improve visibility on the SERPs and result in increased click-through rates.

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