Use Instagram Stories’ New Poll Stickers When You Need Your Followers’ Insight

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These days, social media users want their followers’ opinions and approval in real-time. Well, now there’s an (existing) app for that. Instagram recently gussied up and launched its latest feature: poll stickers on Stories. It will help users on running Instagram version 16 or above on iOS and Android make their virtual friends an even more integral part of their real lives.

According to a recent Instagram press release, the new feature on Stories represents the first time that users can interact with each other outside of Direct Messages. In any case, the new poll stickers are a neat little feature, and definitely easy to use. After installing the latest software update for Android or iOS and choosing an image or video for your Stories, simply select the poll sticker, drop it anywhere you want, customize the fields, post, and wait for the poll responses to pour in.

The new Stories’ polling feature is also pretty straightforward when it comes to evaluating results. Swiping up while viewing a Story allows indecisive users to view the poll results in real-time, as well as who voted and how. It’s also recommended that users check their results often, as the poll and all the valuable data that is generated will disappear along with the Story 24 hours after it’s been posted.

Other social media platforms such as Twitter have long boasted its personalized polling feature, which lets users add up to four options—two more than what Stories currently supports. But in contrast to these other platforms, Instagram somehow gives users a more fun and colorful polling experience. Stories also makes it easier than ever for users to get instant gratification and valuable insights from their followers.

Aside from the new poll stickers, Instagram introduced two new editing features in Stories. First is the eyedropper tool that allows users to select any color in their photo or video and use it in the app’s text and drawing tools. Meanwhile, the other feature allows iOS users to place stickers and text by displaying when an element is centered in landscape or portrait mode, and when something will be covered by the interface when someone views the Story. When text or sticker has been rotated, a guideline will help users return it to landscape orientation.

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