Use Social Insights to Guide Major Marketing Decisions

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With 66 percent of people trusting online consumer opinions and reviews, according to a study conducted by Nielsen, it’s safe to assume that majority of customers now use social media platforms as their first stop when evaluating a purchase of any kind.

The value of social media with regards to the marketing/sales funnel is by now undisputed, but visibility into the insights that each platform can provide is often obscured by less-than-meaningful metrics. With tons of data pouring in from your various social media dashboards, do you even know how to use or understand the value of this information?

Gaining 100 new social media followers per week is all well and good, but increased follower counts don’t necessarily mean that your business goals are being met. However, generating positive, organic, conversation can. Learning about your online audience means looking beyond the superficial layers of retweets, likes, and shares. Instead of dwelling on what is being said about your brand, pay attention to who is talking about you. Understanding your audience and how they compare with your competitors’ can give you real-time insights on the kind of people you’re reaching, as well as what’s important to them.

Social media is THE place to find out which topics are important to your target audience. Just be careful not to exploit trending topics or sensitive social issues; you may face blowback if you bandwagon on a major social media trend and use the buzz to get people to engage with you.

Your marketing team can take advantage of many tools and software used to collect valuable data on social media, but nothing is more helpful than simply looking beyond your follower count, retweets, likes, shares, and direct mentions. Dig deeper into your list of followers and really get to know them. Use lists to zone in and segment your audience; analyze the trends within each segment, and respond accordingly.

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Jehan S. Ismael is a full-time writer and an editor for a leading digital marketing firm. She has a love-hate relationship with food, likes listening to rock and rap music, and enjoys reading books by self-absorbed writers like J.D. Salinger and Anthony Bourdain.

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