Video Strategies for Achieving Brand Awareness and Sales Goals

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Whether you’re managing a small or large business, it’s likely that your marketing goals involve explaining your product or service, building brand awareness and trust, and increasing revenue. And among all the types of marketing content available online, video is probably the most effective way to achieve these goals. They have great potential for increased ROI, audience engagement, and shareability. In fact, nearly 52 percent of marketers worldwide say that video content offers the best ROI, and on social media, video is shared 12 times more than other types of visual content.

Choosing the right type of video content and knowing when to use it is key to your marketing success:

For building brand awareness and increasing your company’s online visibility, educational videos are a great option. Instead of doing a hard sell or flagrantly promoting your product or service, publishing educational how-to content offers knowledge and teaches your audience something new. Thus, potential customers can solve an actual problem or learn something useful, and feel closer to your brand.

If your marketing objective involves introducing a new product or and then getting them to take action—downloading a beta version, signing up for a demo, or registering for a free trial—then animated, explainer videos are your best bet. Usually two to three minutes long, explainer videos are created to quickly grab one’s attention, explain, persuade, and convert.

Finally, if you want to establish trust and promote customer engagement, you can’t go wrong with an About Us video. This type of video content shows who or what your company is and how your team works to help customers. By incorporating testimonials from satisfied customers or employees, ont only do you help create brand trust, your video can also be the final push that’ll convince viewers to choose your company instead of the competition.

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