Vlogging Quick-start Guide: Exuding Confidence on Camera

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Videos are everywhere—they’re in websites, your social media feeds, and they even show up in search engine results. Starting a video blog or vlog is a powerful way to spread your message and reach potential customers, and regular video posts can solidify your connection with your audience.

However, most entrepreneurs are not used to or are shy about appearing in video recordings. Even the most experienced public speakers can get nervous before going on camera. To get you started, here are some tips on vlogging with confidence:

No doubt, starting a vlog and creating videos can be a frustrating process; there is a learning curve and you may not be pleased with your results early on. The key here is to make the commitment to start and post regularly. Even the vloggers you admire—the ones with millions of followers today—had to start at zero too.

In the past, acquiring the right type of equipment for creating videos can be difficult, not to mention expensive. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Today, you can just start with what you have and begin the vlogging process by fulfilling the requirements for The Big Three: Video, which can be captured using your smartphone, laptop, or point-and-shoot camera with video feature; Lighting, which could come from an artificial source or natural light; and Audio, which can be achieved by recording in a quiet space or investing in a microphone that you can plug into your phone or laptop.

In your videos, just as in the content you write for your blog or share on social media, it’s important to address the audience you want to reach, whether it’s millennials or a more mature, professional crowd. Focus on sharing something that your audience might be struggling with, followed by a solution that you offer, and then highlight the positive result that occurs. While you might be nervous, it’s important to remember that the video isn’t about you—it’s about getting your audience focused on learning a solution to their problem.

Finally, don’t be discouraged by the amount of work that goes into vlogging. Remember that it’s a disservice to keep your message to yourself. If you feel that your intentions are true, you’ve created a message with impact, and that you’re sharing information you know serves your audience, then you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

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