Ways to integrate geolocation into your social media marketing campaign

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Brands can use geolocation to boost their social media marketing campaigns

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Location-based services have been in the tech and social media background for years, but it wasn’t until this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival that it exploded into mass consciousness. Services like Foursquare and Gowalla used the Texas-based festival as a playing field to showcase their capabilities to help attendees maneuver around its five-day series of events.

And now, geolocation services have ramped up in numbers, each one dealing with various areas of concentration. Forward thinking marketers and brands immediately saw its potentials and have since incorporated it into their campaigns. And this is indeed a great move, given that the number of users are already in the millions, allowing you to target your demographic on a different social platform. Here are a few suggestions on how you can use geolocation for your business.

Loyalty Deals

This is perhaps one of the most common ways establishments are making use of location. Brands like Starbucks, Anne Taylor and Gap have been using it to give special deals to customers who visit their stores more than once—from discounts, to samplers and even special offers on premium items. You can start by simply rewarding those who have reached Mayor status on your location, or you can also set a number of check-ins your customers need to attain for them to qualify for your special deals. When handled properly, these can influence brand loyalty and multiple mentions online, with matching positive impression.

First Time Freebies

A great way to start developing buzz around your brand and your products is by giving away free stuff to future customers. We’re all familiar with this “free introductory sample” concept, but instead of just handing out toothpick-speared meat near the cashier, we’re using a mashup of location-based services and other social media platforms. Start by sending out a simple tweet or status update on Facebook to announce that you’re giving something away and to invite people. If you want, you can craft a virtual poster that details your offer and then embed or link it within your tweets.

These are great tools to harness whether you’re a new business or you’re introducing a new product to your lineup; whether you’re holding an event to support your product or just enticing people to visit your store.

Scavenger Hunts

To better engage with your followers and actually give them something fun to do, you can organize a scavenger hunt by partnering up with other local establishments. Naturally, you’d be using other social media tools for every aspect of the game.

For instance, you can use the social networks to spread the news and drive traffic to your event, create a to-do list per location on Foursquare to give your participants an activity they must accomplish before their next clue is given. Every time they finish a task, present your participants with QR codes which would then pull up pages containing the clues. Emblazon it with logos of every participating establishment.

There are many ways you can incorporate the use of location-based services into your social media campaigns. With these, you can be sure your engagements with your existing and targeted demographic expands on both the social Web and in the real world. These are just simple examples of strategies you can try out but you can, of course, deviate and formulate your own. Just remember that mixing together both traditional and modern social media elements into it can prove dynamic and rewarding for your brand.

Always remember first determine your ultimate goal; this will keep you focused as you draw up a plan. Be creative and never forget to incorporate both brand and reputation development. Think like a participant to easily come up with activities that are engaging, compelling and actually fun.

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