Ways to integrate Pinterest into your social media marketing

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There Are Many Ways Your Brand Can Use Pinterest for Social Media Marketing, Here Are Some of Them

For many of its users, Pinterest has proven to be a great tool for organizing interesting images and videos, and share them with friends online. Others have found specific ways for its use; like people undergoing house renovations may gather design inspirations and organize each room design per Pinterest board, or artists showcasing their artworks or photography on the site, as categorized by subject matter, or medium.

Like them, brands will also need to think of ways to include Pinterest in their online marketing ecosystem. Here are a few ways you can do just that, and make the social media service work for your online marketing strategies.


To Showcase Your Product

With Pinterest’s features, you can easily find ways to showcase and promote your products online. And when done effectively, it can help create buzz around your products which can spread onto other platforms. The important thing to remember here is to take exceptionally bright and clear images to help your followers focus on your products’ the features.

For instance, you sell action figures online, and you have a new toy in your catalogue. You can create a board dedicated to that toy, full of photos of it in different angles and in close up shots to provide more details, and include any accessories that comes with it, or any features you can capture. In addition to these, you can even Photoshop the price onto your photos as an added info, and to help nudge potential buyers into further making that buying decision.


As a Platform for Cross-Posting Content

Pinterest is also a great place to promote and link to the content you have on your Web site or blog to give it more exposure on other social media sites. Because photos and videos take center stage on the Pinterest boards and newsfeeds, it’s important that you actually have images or footages accompanying your every post.

Photos attract the eye better than blocks of text, and are better at prompting people to click through to find out what you have to say. So just post images, and include a bit of text to give gist of what your content is all about, and add a link to your site. It may be easy to cross-post onto Pinterest boards, but it’s also important for you to scan through their Terms of Use to make sure you’re not violating any of the site’s set ground rules.


For Brand Market Research

Because Pinterest is a social media site, it should be stressed that brands will need to actually engage with their followers, instead of just continuously posting photos. And you can use those interactions for market research, which will eventually be helpful in designing new products, mapping out social media marketing strategies that resonate better, and in improving how your brand interacts with your target demographic.

Here, you can simply ask for feedback in every post, which you can monitor through the number of Likes and the contents of the comments sections. You can ask what your followers think of the new products (whether already launched, or via sneak peaks), the current quality of your services, campaigns strategies, and customer relations, among many others.


To Run Your Contests and Promos

If your brand is planning to run promos or hold events, Pinterest can be a good place to promote them. All you need to do is post an image (possibly a poster for the event or promo) and include the link to the post that contains the full details, and you’re good to go. Contests, however, may take some amount of time to plan, and it’ll be best if you carefully read through Pinterest’s Terms of Service before taking any step.

Of course, you’ll need an actual place online to host your contest, perhaps a page on your Web site or even on a dedicated domain.The rest of your contest’s details should be finalized and designed to leverage on Pinterest’s features, and aimed to gather up interest and participants across the Web.

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