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An usual decision that every company has to take when they start talking about joining the social media movement is deciding who’s going to be in charge of it. Are we going to connect with our customers using the company logo and be impersonal, like Starbucks, or are we going to put a specific person to talk to people in the name of the company, like Scott Monty does successfully with Ford? There are certainly arguments for doing both, but in my case, I prefer the human approach. Here are some reasons for going with a real human in charge of your social media connections:

We Want A Face

A face is very important. A name is nothing until I can put it in some face, until I can start guessing what kind of personality that man or woman has depending on his or her face. It’s only human to seek this chemistry, so it’s only clever to provide it. Don’t underestimate the power of a good Public Relations face. It can make a huge difference.

We Want Accountability

Who do I call names when your company screws me over if your Twitter profile has only a logo? It’s a subtle difference, but the effect that being able to get mad at a human being has, instead of a corporation, is amazingly positive. I want someone to call, some to blame, and if you give me that, I will appreciate you for it once you solve my problem. It also shows that you are willing to put your name on the line for your company. Nothing beats that.

Don’t escape the responsibility, be accountable.

We Want Humor

Another detail, but very positive. How can a company be funny? Right, it can’t. But a human being? Hilarious. Humor is one of the most effective ways to make people like us. If your perosn in charge can be funny, he will succeed at making us like him. And by liking him, we will like the company. Jokes is where it’s at.

We Want Real Connection

There’s now way we will have feelings for a company. We can’t connect on a personal level with a company, there’s a reason it’s called “personal.” By having a real person doing the talking, we can feel closeness and sympathy, very positives emotion that we will associate with your company through the lovable person in charge.

Really? We Don’t Like Any Corporation

Let’s be honest here. Corporations are evil. We don’t like companies, but we MAY like the people that work in them. We are willing to give THEM a chance. So, don’t ignore this truth and give yourself a chance to be accepted by us by being as human as possible. In social media this is especially important, since all this transparency and humanity is what we as customers enjoy so much about it.

So, there you go, five reasons to go with a human dude online. It all comes down to people loving people. Be part of that equation.

Carlos Miceli. Argentinian. Questioner of things. OwlSparks’ blogger. Freelance writer. Entrepreneur. Every day philosopher. Skill learner.

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