Weekly Link Round Up – 01-06-12

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2011: The year in review. (

The writer looks back on the changes in the major players in social media and their effects on all things social. From the launch of Google+, to Twitter’s makeover and Facebook’s new alterations, 2011 was definitely a colorful year in social media.

30 Social Media Predictions for 2012 From the Pros (

The pros all agree: social media will have a huge impact on business this 2012. In this post, 30 social media professionals go deeper into exactly how this is going to happen. Not only will social media evolve, but businesses will explore new ways of using this to their benefit.

What to Watch in 2012 (

Brands face a lot of challenges in social media this 2012, and the writer gives a rundown of what these are and suggestions for facing them head on. Managing resources, measuring social media efforts, delving into mobile media, and integrating social media into their strategies will help businesses elevate their brand.

Don’t Assign Social Media to Bambi the Intern and Other 2012 Resolutions for Social Media (

There’s no denying it: social media leaves a lasting impact on businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you’ve just started to use social media or are already in the thick of it, here are a few resolutions for using it more effectively this 2012.

12 Essential Tips for Revitalising Your Blog in 2012 (

The writer shares 12 insightful tips on improving your blog this 2012. By not just taking information in, and actually taking action, you’ll be surprised at how drastically you can turn things around on your blog.

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