Weekly Link Round Up – 01-11-13

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20 Changes Facebook Made In 2012 That Impacted Marketers (

Over the past year, Facebook had rolled out a variety of changes ranging from the way the site looked and functioned to the release of new products for businesses. Some may have jarred users, but others have been openly welcomed as their experience of the site improved.

STUDY: Many Users Still Don’t Understand How Facebook Makes Money (

A recent study reveals that despite how many new Facebook products for businesses are available today, many don’t understand how the social network makes money. Aside from that, only 70 percent of adults polled knew how to post to someone’s timeline.

4 surprising Facebook myths (

When a change to the EdgeRank algorithm was made, many were quick to complain that their pages were “hit.” But this is only one of a number of myths about how Facebook functions.

How to Run a Successful Facebook Contest Without Getting Banned (

Although advertising promos on Facebook is a smart way to draw attention, it’s a must to first get familiar with the network’s rules on promotions. But aside from that, there are certain tips to keep in mind if you truly want to make the most of your contest and ensure its success.

Best Days to Post on Facebook by Industry [INFOGRAPHIC] (

Time is crucial in social media marketing. But what works for one group often doesn’t work for others. The following infographic puts this in a chart, revealing when people in different industries are most receptive to posts.

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