Weekly Link Round Up – 02-10-12

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Your Business Needs an Online Community Manager (

Maybe you hired someone to be your online community manager, or maybe he’s already an existing employee who was simply assigned an additional task. Whatever the case, you need one to help your company reach out to others and establish a strong presence online.

5 Things You Should Look for in a Community Manager (

No matter which industry you belong to, who your target market is, or what your business goals are, your company needs a community manager. In this engaging post, Michael Jaindl reveals what great community managers are made of.

Establishing the Value of Online Communities (

When companies or businesses don’t get the attention or support they need, it’s the fault of the community manager, according to Richard Millington, Founder of FeverBee Limited. Learn how your community managers can properly establish the value of your community in this enlightening entry.

Community Management: Creating a Team of Social Media Enthusiasts (

Find out how community managers from Radian6 engage in social media, create a solid connection with its community, and fully embody the company’s spirit through a quick interview and profiles of three of its most valued heavy-hitters.

The 2012 Community Manager Report [INFOGRAPHIC] (

Many consider the community manager as the most popular role among all social media teams, for it has established itself as the main face and “go-to-guy” for many companies’ social media efforts. This colorful infographic gives us a taste of where the community manager role stands this year.

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