Weekly Link Round Up – 02-11-11

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How to Succeed in Social Media for Less Than Remarkable People (

Becoming remarkable is a one-liner solution to questions on social media success. But how does one take a less than remarkable business and make it succeed on the social media stage? Realizing how social media is different for every business can help companies on their way to that goal.

3 Ways to Get Great Content From Your Boring Business (

Think your business is boring? With a couple of pointers to keep ideas fresh and attention-grabbing, creating content for B2B companies doesn’t have to be as boring as it sounds.

4 social-savvy ways to promote your brand without shouting (

Striking a balance between promoting a brand and getting the audience what it needs can be difficult. To successfully promote brands without turning consumers off, there are a few pointers businesses could use to help make a good impression over social media.

5 Ideas To Fill Your Blog’s Editorial Calendar (

Coming up with ideas also is a challenge for any writer, no matter what the business. Taking a peek at the calendar and watching out for events to keep things current can really do a lot not only for blog content but also for SEO. Keeping things timely can also help a lot with building a community through discussion.

Monthly Trends + How to Instantly Triple Your Post Ideas (

The challenge to blogging is always about getting a great post out to engage the audience. Part of that is generating ideas. Keeping an eye on monthly trends and exploring them from different angles are only some of the ways to get ideas that are sure to keep the audience hooked.

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