Weekly Link Round Up – 02-17-12

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Is New Media Making Communication Too Casual? (

New media has allowed people to communicate much more easily and quickly. It has also affected the way we connect with people – which may be good or bad, depending on how you see things. The writer explores how new media does or doesn’t make communication too casual in today’s world.

The next phase of social advertising: consumer-to-consumer (

Simply posting an ad on a social media website doesn’t automatically make it “social advertising.” Real social advertising is about creating connections among consumers. This is particularly important since for many consumers, what they get through word of mouth is often more valuable than what companies say.

Elevate: Launching and Leading A Social Media Practice (

Changes in the market will often push social media practitioners to step up their game for their brand to stay competitive. The writer offers seven points of individual and organizational elevation to help social media practitioners become social media leaders.

Engage Now to Build Advocates in a Crisis: Using Social Media in Crisis, Pt. 2 (

Research shows that as much as 20 percent of adults online are “badvocates” – people who disparage companies, their products, or brands. Loyal brand ambassadors are important in times of crisis, when badvocates are ready to swoop in. The writer gives tips on building a successful brand ambassador campaign through social media.

5 Ways to Get Your Entire Company On Board With Social Media (

Getting everyone in the company on board for social media campaigns is important for these to be successful. The writer offers companies big and small five ways to achieve social media buy-in among all employees – having a leader, creating a newsletter, educating employees, encouraging them, and continually training them.

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