Weekly Link Round Up – 02-24-12

February 24th, 2012 by | 4 Comments

Social Media: Career Boost or Time Suck? (

With social media now recognized by companies as an innovative way to promote their brand image or products, many online-savvy young people have found their way to jobs. The question then is how does a young mind show an understanding of what social media could do for a career?

Social and the Grey Market (

It’s easy to assume social networking is the domain of the young, but as market research shows, the ‘over 65′ group spends about 42 hours online every month—more than any other age group. Social networks and initiatives aimed towards getting seniors online make this demographic worth looking out for.

How Pinterest Changed My Mom’s Purchasing Decisions (

Pinterest has become much more than an arena for people to show off the things they like on their pinboards. By piquing other people’s interests through eye-catching visuals, pinned items can encourage people to discover new products and services, thus influencing purchasing decisions.

Doing The Same Thing Differently (

When companies adopt social media into their marketing plans, it pays to learn how to actually utilize the medium rather than rehash the traditional ways of promoting products. Successful approaches to using social media are driven by careful knowledge of how to interact and actually be “social” to potential customers.

How to Effectively Market with Memes (Without Forcing It) (

Viral marketing is highly potent, and harnessing the power of the meme is part of that. But care should be taken to use these effectively, as memes also have the potential to backfire.

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