Weekly Link Round Up – 02-25-11

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Should You Use Radian6 for Social Media Monitoring? (

With so many social media tools out on the market today, it’s good to know how each can benefit your business or campaign. For measuring social media, Radian6 is an option to consider, especially if you’re working a campaign for an enterprise organization.

32 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About Klout (

Another social media tool to look at is Klout, which measures social media influence. The selling point for this tool is that its metrics truly study how you interact with your audience. Of course, one of the best ways to learn more is to take a look at how different people regard it, too.

Social Search Will Force Your Business To Recalibrate (

Google has integrated the social media sphere into its search capabilities. With social search, platforms such as Quora, Flickr and Twitter have become indexed. For a business to move forward and take advantage of a search engine’s power, it would have to take social media into consideration.

Social search is only the beginning. (

“Last week we saw that Google has finally integrated Social Search into our normal results but search is really only the beginning.” In this blog post, Colin Walker explores inferences to how Google will continue to grow, building on social search.

The Future of Media (

Chris Brogan takes a broader look into how media will generally evolve over time. As certain trends among his predictions have made themselves apparent, it goes to show that media definitely will keep moving forward with the times.

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