Weekly Link Round Up – 03-01-13

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Customer Acquisition: Community Versus Clique (

Maintaining a community is the backbone of social media marketing. But there’s a line between being a community and degrading into a closed clique. While some consider certain behaviors indicative of a “tight knit community,” they could actually be cliquish habits that have been shutting off opportunities for new connections.

11 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Convert Into Customers (

It’s sometimes easy enough to find and draw in new prospects. But there will always be a barrier between remaining a prospect and becoming a customer. Sometimes, the problem is easy enough to spot. But some problems, such as being no help and being anti-social may need more work to correct.

Why aren’t brands listening to their customers? (

Not all brands “get” social media marketing. For these brands, their social channels are but a one-way conversation, which leads to losing the customers they need the most. Given several facts that show how important customer retention is, brands need to pay more attention to the conversation with them.

Are Businesses Invading Consumer Privacy By Listening to Social Media Conversations? (

In social media, brands can participate in conversations with their customers. But although there are customers who actively seek this kind of interaction, there are those who find this intrusive. How can marketers strike a balance?

5 Psychological Triggers to Increase Social Engagement (

Persuading followers is all about knowing how to use certain psychological triggers ethically. These same triggers can also greatly improve a brand’s engagement on social networks.

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