Weekly Link Round Up – 03-02-12

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5 Social Media Marketing Trends: New Research (

Many marketing managers are hard pressed to prove the value of social media to their business and measure its ROI. There are a number of industry trends that provide insight into how other marketers are faring in today’s social media scene.

Don’t be a Pest with “This Social Media Stuff” (

Convincing the CEO to adopt social media is a great challenge for many marketers, and in their perseverance, many come off as pests buzzing around them with many suggestions and ideas. The writer shares tips on how to get the company’s head honcho on board for using social media.

Social Media: The ROI of Marketing Engagement (

There are different perspectives on what social media ROI should be. The author talks about the different levels of social media engagement companies have that help them determine their ROI, and shares his view on what the real ROI should be.

The 4 Justifications Your Boss Needs To Hear To Pay For More Content Marketing (

The author tackles one of the burning questions in marketing: Why use content marketing? This isn’t just limited to online content; it includes other types of media such as newsletters. She shares four reasons content marketing is worth looking into.

Social Media for Small Businesses with “No Time” (

Small businesses generally don’t have the resources to invest fully in social media campaigns. However, this doesn’t mean they should forego social media altogether. The author offers a few tips for small businesses to get the ball rolling.

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