Weekly Link Round Up – 03-15-13

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10 Best Mobile Apps for Easier Social Media Marketing on the Go (

Smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices have become essential tools for today’s digital marketers. Here are few of the best apps available to help mobile users manage their social networks even when on the go.

Games, Social Networking Taking up Most Time on Mobile Apps (
A new study has shown (somewhat unsurprisingly, we think), that mobile device owners are using their smartphones and tablets for gaming and social networking. This presents a great opportunity for Social Media marketers who are breaking into the mobile space.

Social Apps Rise on Mobile (

Downloads for social apps are up 30% year over year, and revenue from those downloads has nearly doubled, accounting for 3% of all revenue generated in Apple’s app store. And this trend is not just limited to the United States, as other regions’ purchases show increases for social apps.

Mobile Is Changing Business, Is Yours Ready? [Infographic] (
This interesting infographic from SocialMouths gives us an idea of how mobile use is changing the nature of businesses, particularly in terms of how they access information on products and services. Being prepared for mobile may be one of the best ways to prepare for success.

3 Steps to Leverage Mobile Marketing through Facebook (

With the explosion of the mobile market, social media professionals need to be prepared to take advantage of this fast growing market. Considering that of the top 10 mobile properties in the US, 30% of users spend the most time on Facebook, optimizing your mobile campaign to target Facebook users is a viable strategy.

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