Weekly Link Round Up – 03-18-11

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Interview: Guy Kawasaki on reciprocity, influencers, ecosystems and the art of enchantment (

Kawasaki’s tenth book deals with “enchantment,” which he defines as “the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization, or idea.” As it covers everything from the personal to the professional, the concepts could also be applied to social media where everything is about creating buzz.

The Five Steps to Creating a Perfect Guest Blogging Strategy (

While keeping your own blog up and active is good, it also helps to expand your presence as a guest blogger. Aside from gaining visibility in other blogs, you can tap into new reader pools which may want to follow you afterwards. At the same time, you also get the chance to establish yourself as a trusted resource for your particular field.

16 Brilliant Bloggers Talk About List Posts (

List posts are easy reads and have the potential to go viral faster than other types of posts. Some people find themselves more interested in reading them sometimes thanks to the way they’re easy to scan. While the format does have its perks for any blog, there are also a few downfalls and tips to get around them.

Get Optimized: How-To Tap into your Local Community with Google Places (

One of the easiest ways to get your business noticed is by adding it to Google Places. As search engines have improved their algorithms to allow for search results around a local area, such as a specific city, it pays to get your business listed to draw in the surrounding community.

7 Social Media Lessons From Phil Collins (

After an illustrious 40 year career in the music industry, Phil Collins retires. As perhaps one of those better known names in the music world, there is much to learn from his career that can be applied to a career in the social media sphere.

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