Weekly Link Round Up – 03-25-11

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Andy’s Answers: How Toyota used social to build brand advocacy during a crisis (

In an emergency such as a recall crisis, social media can figure greatly in repairing a brand’s image. In the case of Toyota, the company realized that it wasn’t very good at talking about itself but needed to reach out to their consumers. By employing a few social media strategies, Toyota was not only able to reach out, but also give their image an added boost.

Childrens Hospital of Boston: A Successful Hospital Social Media Example (

While businesses in the healthcare sector may be bound by the HIPPA and will need to monitor their social media platforms to adhere to this, some institutions such as the Childrens Hospital of Boston have done a great job leveraging social media. Through its Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages, the hospital connects with all its patients.

Is there profit in a kinder, gentler business? (

The answer? Yes. While efficiency is perceived to be at the heart of business, what it does in turn is take away the soul from the act. In an age where consumers have grown accustomed to soulless selling, it pays to actually show some heart. After all, this will be noticed regularly by customers and in time, you can create a better brand image that goes beyond “outstanding products”.

Search + Social = Authority x Influence (

Search & social do not exist independently, but co-exist in a dependent fashion. After all, when social influence goes around, it is bound to affect what shows up on the first page of search engine results. This is something important to consider when results are ranked according to authority and quality.

Facebook fine-tunes its Questions product (

While Facebook Questions was once suspected to be a rival to Quora, the new update gives the feature some distinction, fine-tuned to the needs of Facebook’s users. With short, poll-like answers in addition to long form responses, Facebook Questions becomes more relevant to everyday users seeking quick answers.

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