Weekly Link Round Up – 04-01-11

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What Google’s +1 Means for Facebook (

Google’s +1 might very well be the answer to Facebook’s “Like” button. Through the +1 button, search becomes increasingly social. With a Google profile to keep information in and tailor search results to match each individual user, this new feature may very well bring social recommendation to a wider scope than Facebook can.

Content on Facebook: What Separates a Popular Fan Page from the Rest? (

Knowing how to utilize a fan page for your brand can do much to boost your presence towards customers. Amusingly enough, a brand’s already established popularity doesn’t play a large part in how popular a fan page is. With a brief look at the various factors behind highly successful fan pages, you can get a good idea of how to boost the way you use yours.

3 More Trends in Idea Management (

Through social media, gathering ideas has turned outwards rather than kept inwards within the company. Even idea management companies that have historically been focused on internal innovation are now providing services to follow this trend.

How to Optimize Your Facebook Page for Visual Branding (

Thanks to the new Facebook layout, brands get a whole lot more screen space to show off. Learning how to make the best of it will definitely give your brand identity the boost it deserves. It goes to show then that a good branding strategy and smart design still do go hand in hand in social media.

Why Automation Is Destroying Your Brand And Your Reputation (

While automation tools may help maintain a campaign, it doesn’t help when it fails in the “social” aspect of marketing your brand. After all, the whole point of social media marketing is to build a relationship. Becoming a robot to your audience, in effect, can cripple your brand’s reputation.

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