Weekly Link Round Up – 04-05-13

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April Fools’ Day 101: What You Can Learn From Brand Hoaxes (

Social media offers a great medium for giving your brand or business personality and engaging with your followers and customers in an enjoyable way. In this post, Lynn Cooper shares different ways you can inject personality in your social media marketing plan.

Prankvertising: Are Outrageous Marketing Stunts Worth the Risks? (

When it comes to outrageous ad stunts, consumers and industry professionals often question the credibility and effectiveness of prankvertising. In this highly engaging post, David Gianatasio explores the new, extreme, and increasingly sophisticated world of marketing pranks.

7 Ways to Win Laughs in Social Media (

Many brands, whether they’re macho automotive marketers or geeky tech companies, do their best to create humorous marketing campaigns. Others work well, but some fall flat on their faces. That said, marketing jokes are a good way to let customers remember you and share your brand with others.

Pranking Consumers While Preserving Your Brand – Learnings from April Fools’ Day (

The opportunity to partake in April Fools’ Day only comes once a year, but that single day may well produce more digital marketing insight than any other. Although all the jokes may seem counterproductive for businesses, it’s best to look at other brands’ shenanigans and use that as a guide for your upcoming campaigns.

Top 5 April Fools’ Pranks for Internet Marketers [INFOGRAPHIC] (

April Fools’ Day is a great opportunity for internet marketers to come up with truly amusing and creative campaigns. This hilarious infographic sums up great examples of creative brand campaigns from SEO and social media from previous years.

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