Weekly Link Round Up – 04-20-12

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Tumblr Holds Its Nose, Opens Back End to Ads (

Despite Tumblr’s stance against advertising on its site, changing times and demands have lead it to change its opinion. Starting May 2, the site’s 50 million bloggers will begin to see ads on their user dashboards through the featured post spot.

8 New Google+ Changes and How They Impact Your Business (

As with any popular site’s redesign, Google+’s revamped look comes with changes that will affect the way both users and businesses use it. Notable new features include the larger header image and profile photo, as well as new navigation features to make it easier to keep the discussion going with different circles.

The Future of Facebook Advertising (

In an interesting turn of events, it seems as if Facebook has only gotten stronger despite the fact that fans are not becoming cheaper for advertisers. Due to the strength of Facebook’s detailed targeting, it is still an essential part of many digital campaigns.

Facebook for eCommerce: It’s about customer retention, not acquisition. (

While it does seem backward, the truth of the matter is that businesses are less likely to find new customers rather than get in touch with old ones on Facebook. On average, 84% of a page’s fans are existing customers. Because of this, businesses should consider focusing on customer retention rather than plain selling.

Cost-Efficient Facebook Marketing for Small Business (

Tools are essential for digital marketers looking to make the best out of the social networks they communicate on. Small businesses looking for a cost-efficient tool for marketing can consider Qwaya, which allows users to have total access and control of their ads on Facebook.

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