Weekly Link Round Up – 04-22-11

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Small Businesses Benefit Most From Social Media, Study Reveals (

While large, established companies such as Old Spice and Benefit Cosmetics have been reaping the rewards of social media involvement, the true winners are small businesses. As a study reveals, these SMBs have been seeing amazing results from leveraging social media as a marketing tool.

Most Marketers Plan to Increase Social Media Spend This Year [STUDY] (

Since an overwhelming number of marketers this year consider social media to be integral to their strategies, there appears to be a rise in social media spending. According to a poll by Mashable and Effie Worldwide, 70% of these marketers plan to increase their social media budgets by more than 10%.

Interview: ThinkGeek on joining online communities instead of building them from scratch (

ThinkGeek is well-known for earning a cult following for their “stuff for smart masses.” An interview with the company’s Public Relations Manager, Shane Peterman, reveals an interesting facet to how they interact with their demographic: by being part of existing communities instead of building a new one.

The ROI of Your Mother (

Business likes tangible results. While the ROI from using social media is hard to put down on paper, it is strong and it does have an impact on a business’ demographic. In business conversations though, it is possible to quantify the benefit of social media in terms of metrics, behaviors and financials.

5 Techniques to Create Raving Loyal Fans (

Part of making a strong presence in social media is simply creating raving, loyal fans. With a few tips to refine your blog writing or blog posting style, you can go from being simply a dump of random information to becoming a trusted authority with a following.

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