Weekly Link Round Up – 05-06-11

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5 Reasons Your Marketing Is A White Hot Mess (

There are a number of reasons to why a marketing program may be in poor shape. With careful review over these reasons and evaluating what should be corrected in your own program, you can get things fixed and running smoothly again.

Keeping it Clean on Your Facebook Page (

Fans can be unpredictable creatures. So, while discussion is all good, it also helps for the community manager or page administrator to ensure than their Facebook page is kept clean and free from unwanted messages or verbiage. This way, all fans can continue the discussion harmoniously.

10 Steps To Spring Clean Your Social Media Presence (

Spring cleaning also applies to social media. By streamlining your strategies and platforms, you can find ways to maximize your audience and appeal. Not to mention that you’ll find your networks easier to manage, too.

Your Bouncer Needs to Have a Brain (or “The First Line of Defense is Just as Important as the Last”) (

The people that you place on the front line are just as important as you are as the community manager. After all, these people are in charge of building relationships with fans, clients and customers. If they don’t put out their best behavior, these relationships might turn sour. Thus, there’s a need to place importance on these people interacting with the community.

Blogging: The Small Business Way (

While small businesses can reap the benefits blogging brings, the question of “how” remains. After all, a business blog’s inability to produce positive results often stems from the entrepreneur not knowing how to utilize the medium in the right way. Learning how to best use a blog for small business is the first step to social media success.

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