Weekly Link Round Up – 05-13-11

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6 Tips for Starting an Online Community (

Building an online community is the cornerstone of social media marketing. Starting out can be a daunting task though, especially when it comes to keeping the conversation going. By knowing your audience and catering to what they want, you can create a strong community from the ground up.

Creative Content that Converts (

“Uninspired web content is no different than a disgruntled receptionist who turns people off from your business or brand.” Just like managing a storefront or reception desk, you need to develop your content in a way that draws people in and answers what they need in order to make the sale.

How to Plan and Write a Blog Post to go Viral (

While viral posts seem to come out of nowhere, you can actually study your blog’s audience and find out what kind of post can create a similar kind of reaction. By learning what elements it takes to make popular content, you’ll know well enough how to create work that will create buzz and hopefully go viral, too.

Invite Your Customers onto Twitter (

An online community is hard to start up if your customers aren’t there in the first place. If you’re managing the community on Twitter, it helps to encourage your visitors and customers to join up and follow the conversation.

Manage Your Facebook Page Like Vin Diesel (

Surprisingly, Vin Diesel offers an interesting take on managing the community that follows him on his Facebook page. While social media marketing has been associated more often with Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, Vin Diesel proves the strength of his own brand of social media by listening to his followers and providing honest feeds.

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