Weekly Link Round Up – 05-20-11

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Revisiting the cliché, “the customer is always right” (

Although the old saying could change in your mind thanks to irrational customer rants, it still holds true for a number of things. Paying attention to customer feedback can cue you in to what products to sell and even how to advertise.

3 Rewards and 3 Risks of Making Customers Brand Ambassadors (

There are definitely perks to letting your customers take the reins of your corporate social media channels, such as taking advantage of the power of testimonials. But at the same time there are risks to consider depending on how much control you give them.

How to Build a Thriving Blog by Being Yourself (

People relate to people. When you make your blog, you’ll soon see that the most success does come when you’ve written from the heart. Opening up to your audience and showing humanity isn’t going to be a liability. In fact, it’s the key to creating a blog that is very much alive.

How Your Worst Enemy Can Become the Key to Your Blogging Authority (

Creating compelling blog posts to establish your blogging authority may look easy, but in truth there will definitely be something to stop you from doing so. Fighting off the resistance that keeps you from creating captivating content will help you get a step closer to creating a blog that truly works.

Talk in Their Language (

Some of the most satisfying conversations can simply come from adjusting your tone to match who you’re talking with. In a simple yet sweet example, Chris Brogan illustrates how it works and how it can be applied to customer conversations as well.

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