Weekly Link Round Up – 05-27-11

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Building Your ‘Relationship Capital’: Open Innovation as a Strategic Business Imperative (

With new technologies, as well as new ways of communication, there are also new ways to find innovation. In a highly competitive setting, businesses that wish to rise above the competition are now forced to move forward and adapt to the idea of open innovation—a concept where social media plays a part in.

Does Your Enterprise Have a Social Media Policy? (

There is no delete button for the internet. With that in mind, businesses must consider developing a smart social media policy for their employees. After all, opening up to social media can work in the favor of any business—whether internally or externally.

Human Business is Social Business (

To be human, you have to be social. It’s the same concept for businesses. So in “humanizing” your business, it essentially means that you’re moving to a more social way of regarding your audience and business partners.

8 Brands That Have Found Success on Facebook & What We Can Learn (

Just because a brand is online doesn’t mean it’s doing a good job. By taking a look at brands that have made social media work for them, your business can gather ideas on how to best benefit from this new form of communication, too.

Social Media Spending Habits Rise, New Research Reveals (

As proof of how social media has made its influence known through the business world, new research reveals that social media spending habits have been rising among companies. Small businesses, especially, have been placing a bigger focus on how social media helps to boost their popularity and visibility.

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