Weekly Link Round-up (05-28-10)

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How is Being New to Twitter Different in 2010? (

So much has changed in Twitter since it started on 2008. Today, Twitter feels more like a stage in many ways, than a simple place to talk and share online.

Twitter On Future Profitability: “We’re Thinking About Big, Big Numbers.” (Reuters)

Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, believes the microblogging platform’s newly-launched advertising system would play a key role in making Twitter more profitable. When Twitter expands the advertising system to hundreds of companies in the fourth quarter, Costolo said Twitter will be better able to forecast its revenue-generating potential for the next couple of years.

Startups: Can You Trust Twitter? (

Early this week, Twitter made some major changes it its Terms of Service for developers, prohibiting third-party networks from advertising in users’ stream. While this may improve the quality of the user experience on the platform, it may spell disaster for start-ups, particularly those creating third-party applications.

Reach Customers in 140 Characters, All of Them Free (

The New York Times believes in the effectiveness of social media for developing small businesses. This article offers a few tips on how to ease into the Twitter scene and use it to gain more customers and build one’s business.

What Hugo Chavez Teaches Us About Twitter (

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is refreshingly good at using Twitter. Three weeks since his first tweet, he was able to attract over 350,000 followers. His popularity may be due less to his political identity and beliefs and more to his warm, sincere approach at tweeting.

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