Weekly Link Round Up – 06-03-11

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In Social Media, Your Return Represents Your Investment (

Engaging customers and making waves through social media doesn’t come easy. It takes more than just conversation and strategy. As a testament to that, the majority of social media programs deemed “fast and easy” are less effective than those involving a great amount of investment.

Measuring Social Media More Effectively (

Effectively measuring social media can be a truly difficult task. To get a better picture of how social media benefits a business, one must have a clear set of priorities and shared expectations in terms of what should be accomplished through the medium.

Attention to Detail is an Important Trait for Moderators (

Details matter, especially when you’re managing a community. It spells the difference between a post that violates guidelines and one that does. On top of the need for attention to detail, there is a greater need for an over-all sense of consistency.

Advertising Your Blog: Go Viral on a Blogger’s Budget (

The simplest way to grow a blog’s traffic is through organic methods: search engine rankings, guest posts, social media and word of mouth. But while advertising your blog requires a budget, simple methods and an effective strategy can come at an easy cost.

Lady Gaga Really Knows How To Use Social Media To Connect With Fans (

For an example of a truly effective social media star, there is Lady Gaga. Having recently gained 10 million followers on Twitter, the pop star has gone far beyond simply being a musician. Google Chrome’s latest ad featuring her shows exactly what makes her such a success in the social media sphere.

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