Weekly Link Round Up – 06-17-11

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Users Spend Nearly 16% of Time Online on Social Media (

According to a new report by comScore, online users spend 16% of their time—or about one out of every six minutes—on social media. From the focus on MySpace to the boom of Facebook, the study also reveals how the face of social media has evolved.

What companies should know about social hyper-users (

Going social is habit-forming. It’s no surprise then that social media can truly tap into today’s connected world. Not taking how hyper-users think and work into consideration, though, can very well lead to a less than successful campaign.

3 Ways to Benefit From Social Media Crowdsourcing (

With social media opening up avenues for customers to interact with brands and companies, it has also opened up a new way for businesses to source ideas. With a few simple steps to engage the audience, any business can benefit from the crowdsourcing trend.

4 Keys to Turning Negative Commenters Into Brand Advocates (

While no one likes the sound of negative feedback, it can be the golden opportunity to boost customer satisfaction and ultimately, the business as a whole. Businesses can take each lemon gracefully and turn them into things better than just lemonade with a few points to take note of.

Physical & Online Crowdsourcing Documents the Real First World War (

To illustrate the benefits of crowdsourcing to create innovations, Europeana, the European archive, has combined real-life roadshows and online uploading to assemble an enduring, highly-personalized Web archive of the First World War.

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