Weekly Link Round Up – 06-21-13

June 21st, 2013 by | 4 Comments

The Rise Of Social Video: How Social Media Is Creating New Winners In Online Video (

Television isn’t the only medium used by people to distribute and watch videos these days. The Internet and social media platforms have provided content creators and marketers an economical and cost-efficient way to send their message across.

3 Ways to Prepare for Video on Instagram (

News leaked early this week about Facebook soon unveiling the addition of video to their very popular recently-acquired product, Instagram. Steven Shattuck shares his input on how social media marketers can prepare their strategy should video be added to Instagram.

Marketers Have Found a Way to Use Vine (

Marketers pushing summer blockbusters have started to aggressively use Vine, Twitter’s nascent mobile app for six-second videos, to increase customer engagement and communication in their social networks.

Short-Form Social Video Posting: Vine Vs. Tout (

Perhaps the biggest reason why companies like Vine and Tout are working to popularize short video posting is so they can push the success of short social interactions. Online video has been growing in popularity year after year, and they see this as an opportunity to bypass YouTube and offer a specific short and sociable video platform.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Advertisers, You Need YouTube (

Video content and distribution has experienced enormous success in recent years, with YouTube emerging as the favorite medium of video seekers and sharers worldwide. This vibrant infographic is a valuable resource for marketers who wish to understand how YouTube and social video platforms will revolutionize their marketing efforts.

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