Weekly Link Round Up – 06-22-11

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Finding Social Media Influencers (

Identifying who your key influencers are on social media networks such as Twitter, blogs, and forums is important in gaining thought leadership and brand awareness.

Who Are The Top Social Media Influencers on Wall Street? (

With an estimated two billion active social media users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+, finding the top influencers on Wall Street is next to impossible. After much research, Ave Garber gives us a look on the most sophisticated “digital influence vendors” in the world.

Secondary Customers: Talkers, Influencers, and Social Media Influencers (

All social media marketing should lead to some form of data capture so you can stay in touch with the ones truly interested in your services and inviting them to promote you.

Don’t Roll Your Eyes at Social Media Influencers (

Bloggers and social media influencers online may not have the lingua franca of trained communications professionals, but influencers do a good job of conveying a brand’s message and driving people to a website through a common interest.

Influencer Shminfluencer: The Truth Under the Covers (

The real influencers are those who might not necessarily sport household names but who tweet and retweet, and are able to create a cascading momentum for your brand, product, or service. They have the power to uncover diamonds in the rough, and find advocates that would put you on top of the list.

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