Weekly Link Round Up – 07-08-11

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The Number One Least Asked Question in Social Media…Why? (

Business owners can start asking important questions that begin with “why” to gain a deeper, more profound understanding of how social media can affect their organization. Answering these questions unlocks an important ingredient in any customer-facing business strategy and helps the business move forward in a meaningful, long term direction.

Four Reasons Businesses Should Start Using Facebook Video Chat (

The fact that Facebook offers over 750 million potential customers is enough reason for businesses to start using its newly-launched group chat feature. It may be ‘a little rough around the edges’ but creative organizations can look in to its other practical business applications.

How the Enterprise Can Use Google+ (

Google+ offers a lot of potential for business, whether for marketing, demand generation / leadgen, human resources, design and innovation, sales, and general internal collaboration between employees. As businesses progress further along their respective social engagement journeys, the discovery of other opportunities looks promising.

Social Media and Small Business Communications (

For small businesses, the main importance of social media lies in the numerous tools it offers in terms of small business communications. This article explores current social media trends for business marketing and what strategies SMBs need to keep up.

Do Consumers Really Want Video Calling? (

As Google+ Hangouts and the new Facebook video chat join Apple Facetime and other similar offerings, the question as to whether consumers wish to bypass simple voice message for face-to-face video conversations begs to be answered.

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