Weekly Link Round Up – 07-12-13

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LinkedIn Launches Sponsored Posts (

LinkedIn’s move into promoting a content-rich professional networking platform continues with the widespread introduction of sponsored posts. This new feature allows registered users and companies to be more prominently present in LinkedIn’s feed and enables it to tap into another potential revenue stream.

Master LinkedIn Marketing (

With approximately 225 million registered users, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the largest and most influential professional network in the industry. To generate leads and become more “social” on this social network, it’s better to work towards becoming an informational resource by providing links to highly shareable content.

Marketers Tap Social Media to Woo Professionals (

Social media experts say that unlike popular platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn offers a specific opportunity for brands that aim to target professionals who on average have greater purchasing power and disposable income than other social media users.

LinkedIn Leading Network for B2B Social Marketing [data] (

Recent data shows that LinkedIn, the popular social media platform for professionals, is being recognized as the premier network for B2B social media marketing. Thanks to its large population of business executives and decision makers across an array of industries, users are able to find viable opportunities to connect about purchases, job candidates, and other prospects.

[INFOGRAPHIC] More Companies Planting Flags on LinkedIn (

This infographic should serve as a reminder to all brands to create their own company pages and realize the value of LinkedIn. The business social platform is considered the primary social network for professionals and executives, and it’s important that they work hard to ensure that their brands are fully and accurately represented on the site.

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