Weekly Link Round Up – 07-22-11

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Motivation matters: New research on “The Psychology of Sharing” (

Finding out why we share may be just as important as what we share. Insights into the whys of content sharing can also help social media marketers seek out the best ways to engage their audience.

AHHHA: launching pad for your ideas (

Ever thought about how to turn your idea into something more than a fleeting thought? AHHHA offers “social ideation”, a twist on the social medium that concentrates on leveraging the crowd to bring ideas to life.

New Service Sniffs Out Secret Gems From Across Your News Feeds (

Missing out on good information on our social feeds happens to all of us. New York startup KnowAbout.It aggregates your subscribed content from major social networks and offers a number of ways to sort it all out. One of the best things about it is that it may solve that problem of missing out on all the good stuff from your feeds.

Filtering the Social Web. (

When surrounded by the constant buzz of news feeds and updates, how do you filter through it and find the information most relevant to you? The Circles function in Google+ has ignited discussions on how filters could be refined to include interests or topics.

4 Free Tools to Help You Socially Monitor Your Brand (

Useful tools for brand monitoring on social networks don’t need to come at a price. In fact, there are a number of helpful gizmos online to help you follow conversations and find out what people are saying about your brand. For SMBs, these free services offer great value for your social media campaign.

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