Weekly Link Round Up – 08-05-11

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Report: The Rise of the Social Advertising (

Social advertising continues to evolve and remains to force us to think outside the box. Whether or not it represents the cure for an emerging dilemma called “banner blindness”, brands will continue to experiment and find the best way to attract the consumer’s eye.

How Does Getting a Thumbs Down on StumbleUpon Negatively Effect Your Content? (

StumbleUpon is considered as one of the best tools that SMBs can use when hoping to generate traffic for their websites or blogs. Take advantage of its benefits and prevent other users from rejecting your content with these helpful tips.

Six Ways to Get Feedback On Your Posts and Pages (And Why You Need To) (

Analyzing your existing comments, being active on Twitter and Facebook, posting messages on a forum, and even hiring a writing coach can draw more attention and let you receive constructive feedback on your blog.

Book Marketing: How 4 Authors Are Finding Success With Social Media (

Four tech-savvy authors have managed to bridge the gap between the book industry’s deterioration and this era’s technological advances by using social media to their advantage. They share how other writers can benefit from branding and fan management, whether they’re rookies or bestseller giants.

7 Deadly Sins of Social Media (

Social media can be a great tool for marketing, networking, and sharing the latest information if used correctly. If used incorrectly, it can be an inefficient use of time and resources. Avoid committing the seven deadly, digital sins of social media through this engaging post.

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