Weekly Link Round Up – 08-10-12

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12 Most Frustrating Things About Klout (

Although Klout is perhaps the best known tool for quantifying and qualifying online influence, it has been received differently from a variety of users. Getting to know what makes it frustrating for some can help social media mavens understand it better.

Finding Influencers Using Your Own Algorithm (

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub has added an interesting feature with its new release this week. Through an influencer scoring and ranking functionality, marketers are now able to see fan and follower data and find passive influencers. The highlight of this new feature is in the way users are free to control the parameters to fit their needs.

Six Hot Trends In Social Influence Marketing (

It’s one thing to find the influencers and brand advocates. The next question would be what to do with them. With social scoring, marketers may be able to create interesting projects that will definitely spark customer involvement.

What the Fortune 100 have discovered about social since 2010 (

While it has taken a while for the Fortune 100 to adopt social media as part of their marketing strategies, efforts to understand the social space has begun to pay off. Today, corporations have found the value of catering to niche groups and providing truly interesting and relevant content to keep their audiences engaged.

What Can Brands Learn from NASA’s Social Media Strategy? (

There is much renewed interest in NASA stemming from the @MarsCuriosity Twitter feed, which documents the rover’s activity in an engaging manner that definitely keeps followers hooked. In fact, this approach NASA takes to its social media contributes to great results, including a high turnout of people tuning in to watch the rover’s live landing.

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