Weekly Link Round Up – 08-12-11

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Google+ Tips & Tricks: 10 More Ways To Make the Most of Your Account (

Google+ is going from being the newest kid on the block, to becoming one of the biggest players in the Social Media space. These tips can help users maximize the power of the search giant’s spanking new Social Media product.

Group Blogging for Business: A Quick How-to Guide (

Group blogging is an effective way to develop content for your blog and support your brand’s marketing efforts. Heather Rast on SocialMediaToday offers some insights on setting up a blogging team for your own blog.

Our addiction to Technology Trumps Caffeine, Chocolate and Alcohol (

Admit it – you can’t go for at least a few hours without checking your email or sending out a quick tweet. A recent survey finds that more than half of Americans would rather forego coffee, chocolate, and alcohol than not have access to their mobile phone.

8 Ways to Discover Content Ideas From Your Readers (

Even the most prolific blogger or content guru will eventually run out of ideas to feed their readers’ hunger for content. Charlene Kingston at SocialMediaExaminer gives a few tips on finding new content ideas from your own readers.

Being Relevant and Reputable—Google’s Sweet Spot (

John Hoff’s guest post on ProBlogger talks about how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can affect bloggers, and what can be done to gain higher rankings on Google searches.

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