Weekly Link Round Up – 08-17-12

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Hiring for a Social Media Management Role? Start Here (

Olivier Blanchard, a 15 year veteran in the marketing management, brand management, and business development industry and one of the world’s leading voices in New Marketing and Social Media tools, provides businesses a practical guide for hiring a social media manager.

Defining a Social Media Management Agency (

There are many ways that can define what a social media management agency does, but are these enough? The following article discusses the new standards that businesses must consider before outsourcing their social media needs.

How Much Should You Plan to Pay Your Social Media Community Manager (

A community manager is the external voice of the company he works for and is the voice of the customers internally. Therefore, hiring expectations need to be realistic and in line with the results the client is looking for.

How to Hire a Great Social Media Manager (

Standard corporate hiring packages should fly out the window when you’re hiring someone to manage your social media efforts. Instead, employers should look for a creative, curious, caring, passionate, person with the right balance of analytical and good listening skills.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager (

Brand ambassadors, content managers, and strategists are terms used to describe the job of today’s social media managers. In case you’re wondering, they’re not just tweeting, watching YouTube videos, or playing games on Facebook.

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