Weekly Link Round Up – 08-26-11

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Social Media Language, Taking Over the Oxford English Dictionary (

Will social media terms soon replace traditional words? Nikki Peters explores how social media has created a language all of its own and tells us how we can embrace it in our lives from here on in.

Plain Language and Social Media Connections (

Kate Harrison Whiteside explains the commonalities between plain language and social media connections, and shares why usability is key to plain language websites.

A Soliloquy: The Language of Social Media (

When it comes to social media, it not just a matter of Authenticity vs. Authority. We can help social media mature and develop by stopping to reflect and observe our message’s intent, definition, weight, and opportunity.

Has Social Media Birthed a Generation of Writers? (
In this engaging essay, Mark Evans argues against the notion that social media has killed writing; instead, he believes that it has allowed people to communicate and write more than ever.

Three Rules for Language in Social Media (The Elements of Fu*$ing Style, Indeed) (

Through the effective use of language and your brand’s social media assets, you can successfully convey your message and fulfill your marketing goals. Ed Gazarian offers three guiding principles for communicating through social media.

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