Weekly Link Round Up – 09-02-11

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The Marriage of HR and Social Media (

In this Human Resources commentary, Carolyn T. Cohn explains why it’s only natural for HR managers to jump into the social media bandwagon. It offers resources that are accessible 24/7, encourages companies to embrace innovation, and helps employees reexamine their corporate values.

Why Real Recruiters Rank LinkedIn #1 (

From a “real recruiting” standpoint, LinkedIn has a major edge over its rivals because it is a network that focuses on strategy rather than tactics, according to recruitment expert Lou Adler. Furthermore, its easy-to-navigate UI allows more serious recruiters to network and find the best candidates.

HR 2.0 (

In this engaging blog entry for the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), HR Consultant Joe Shepley provides a discussion on some of the benefit areas that a social media-enabled human resources department can expect to realize.

4 Awesome Facebook Apps For Recruiters and Employers (

Now that more jobseekers are turning to social media sites to explore new career opportunities and to learn about companies they might want to work for, Louis Bina shares four great Facebook apps that can help recruiters and employees get better exposure for their jobs.

How Businesses Use Social Media for Recruiting [INFOGRAPHIC] (

This interesting infographic illustrates how jobseekers have recently turned to social media for job searches and how employers are taking note of its importance in the recruitment process.

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