Weekly Link Round Up – 09-21-12

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Social Media Is More Than Just Social and Media (

Marketers need to be aware that social media marketing isn’t just about building relationships and getting the word about the brand out to the public. In order to achieve the results they want, they need to think about the other things that govern interaction, such as the objects people use to communicate and what time they’re most open to conversation.

Making Sense of Geographical Targeting in Social Media (

As the internet covers a wide array of locations and audiences, businesses will often come across the challenge to distinguish themselves from other brands. One way to do this is through geographical targeting. The question now, though, is how? Various social networks offer tools to help businesses become more relevant to their locale.

The Challenge of Social Media Humor (

As brands such as Old Spice had shown, humor can be an incredibly powerful tool for attracting and engaging an audience. But sometimes, it can backfire. If it’s misinterpreted or if the intent is unclear, a marketing campaign will leave itself open to criticism.

6 Ways to Use Reddit to Grow Your Business (

So-called the “front page of the internet”, Reddit offers brands an interesting and novel way to connect and engage with customers. Compared to networks such as Twitter and Facebook, engagement on Reddit is an entirely different experience. But when done correctly, brands can enjoy a closer relationship with a community of customers.

Kodak’s Social Media Success—and What Bloggers Can Learn From It (

Despite having to manage so many social media channels, Kodak offers a great example of fully utilizing social media marketing. Through its well-thought strategy, the social media team at Kodak is able to engage, educate, excite, and evangelize its audience.

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