Weekly Link Round Up – 10-14-11

October 14th, 2011 by | 6 Comments

Dear Entrepreneur, Are You Familiar With The New F-Word? (

While social networking, blogging, micro-blogging, and other social media platforms have proven to be effective for many businesses, there are other aspects that have yet to be explored. The author challenges businesses to drive their product to find its prospects, rather than the other way around.

Knowing the “Why” of Your Business Wins Customer Hearts (

Brands must give people a reason to follow them. Asking themselves “why,” or determining their purpose for doing what they do, helps them to win hearts, rather than minds. This helps them gain not just followers, but evangelists.

How To Innovate In Spite of Innovation (

“Incremental innovation,” or minor innovations that don’t set out to drastically change, can point businesses in the right direction. By gathering multiple small ideas, creating prototypes, and prioritizing culture over technology are only some of the ways to push things forward.

Foxes, Hedgehogs, and Social Media Myopia (

According to Penn psychology professor and author Philip Tetlock, political experts can be “hedgehogs” or “foxes,” depending on what principles they use to draw conclusions. Jason Falls explains how the two types of thinking apply to the marketing field and how hedgehog thinking can cause “social media myopia.”

Six things social data taught us this year (so far) (

Many research materials on consumers’ use of social media have emerged this year. From Twitter, to Facebook, to YouTube, studies are showing interesting findings about how consumers use the various social media channels.

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