Weekly Link Round Up – 10-21-11

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Share the Space We Share Share Share (

While it is true that at times social media is but an “echo chamber” with all its retweets, reblogs and re-shared posts, no one can deny that the very act of sharing is essential to its success. In fact, repetition does a great deal of good, especially for anything looking to go viral.

Facebook Timeline reveals the future of sharing (

While the buzz surrounding Facebook Timeline has quieted down, there’s no doubt that it introduces a couple of new facets—as well as interesting insights—to the act of sharing. Charlene Li shares a couple of her insights that shed some light on to privacy, sharing and trust.

Why Facebook Won’t Lose Its Core Power Users (

Facebook has always been a medium for the everyday person. Despite catering to an audience that values simplicity, it continues to cater to its core power users both through Facebook Timeline and the fact that Facebook itself has grown into more than just a destination.

Anti-Social Media: “Take This Lollipop” Is Your Facebook Profile Through A Psychopath’s Eyes (

While some would consider “Take This Lollipop” as an eerie reminder of why users should be careful of what they share on social media, it also opens up the idea of moving and convincing entertainment powered by profile.

Please Don’t Retweet (

While sharing is all well and good in social media, asking for a retweet or a mention of something that isn’t cause related can be considered bad etiquette on the social web. At the end of the day, it’s best to let your work live or die on its own merits.

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