Weekly Link Round Up – 12-02-11

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What’s New with Google+ (

From its infancy, Google+ has continually developed to become a distinct social medium apart from Twitter and Facebook. With fresh new features such as “hangouts” and the recently launched brand pages, Google+ has become an interesting new scene for brands to market themselves on.

Why Your Business Should Be on Google+ (

Aside from engaging the social crowd in a unique way, there’s another reason to why a business should invest in a presence on Google+. Google+ Direct Connect blurs search and social with the interesting new use of the + operator.

Google+ Ripples: The promise of shared intelligence (

Ripples, the first set of metrics from Google about Google+, offers data visualization over time of how your posts are shared: when, by whom, and to whom. This comes as a valuable tool to marketers and businesses who want to see and study their influence (and influences) in action.

How Google+ Could Affect SEO (

With Google HQ constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of searches, there is no doubt that its new application—Google+—plays a large part in this. Interestingly, with Google+, relevance goes hand in hand with influence.

Why Doesn’t Google+ Allow AutoSharing? (

The redesign of YouTube promoted sharing in a big way with new autoshare buttons for Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Orkut. But the question remains: why no autosharing for Google+? The following article brings to light how Google wants to treat its social networking product.

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