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Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing Go Hand in Hand (

Running a business means you need to recognize the importance of marketing. Don’t be discouraged when you’ve tried almost every marketing strategy you could think of without finding a great deal of success. One of the most effective ways to promote your business these days is video marketing. Read on and learn how this method can help you boost your sales.

13 Trends in Social Video (

Given the statistics—1 in 2 people consume video content online, and by the end of next year the audience for online videos will greatly differ from television viewers—digital video consumption is sure to reach a tipping point and the audience advertisers are targeting will be online. Simon Jones gives us 13 trends we can use to make the most out of this important development.

5 Ideas for Creative Visual Content Marketing (

Visual marketing is now starting to spread across the Internet like a game-changing storm. Whether they’re vibrant photos on Pinterest, links to striking infographics, or marketing videos on YouTube, people are now starting to pay more attention to visual content because many of us are word-exhausted and this medium offers us a new way of looking at things.

Storytelling in Product Videos Gets You Sales (

The PAS (Pain—Agitate—Solve) formula, developed by renowned sales specialist, Dan Kennedy, is an easy way to structure your videos so they will engage your audience and illicit particular responses from your target customers. It is an ideal format, due to its simplicity and ability to connect with viewers quickly.

Infographic: Content Marketing and the Power of Video (

Video has been an increasingly powerful tool for marketers, as Social Media Examiner recently reported that it’s the number one area that they planned to increase their investments this year. Video marketing can greatly help alleviate the ongoing word-exhaustion many consumers are experiencing. Statistics from a study done by Content Marketing Institute (CMI) show that online video usage amongst B2B content marketers rose by 12%.

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