Weekly Link Round Up – 12-16-11

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5 Tips For Growing Your Business With Twitter (

It’s not enough to use Twitter for your business; how you use it is what will define the success of your efforts. The writer shares five tips for using Twitter to gain followers, customers, and sales.

Are B2B Marketers Not Using Twitter Correctly? (

A study shows that only a minimal percentage of B2B marketers who use Twitter generates leads compared to those who use LinkedIn. B2Bs need to remember that while they cater to businesses, they still need to engage the actual person on the other end.

What do Twitter brand pages mean for marketers? (

The writer offers a peek at what Twitter’s new profiles offer businesses. While these are only available to a limited number of companies for now, Twitter said it will be rolling this out over the weeks. With the new profile, brands can customize their pages, embed multimedia, and add tweets to their websites.

The New, New Twitter and What It Means to You and Your Business (

The new version of Twitter offers a great new advantage to businesses: simplicity. Brian Solis gives a rundown of Twitter’s new features, offering insight into how these can benefit businesses.

How to Use Twitter Hashtags for Business (

The ubiquitous ‘#’ symbol, known as a hashtag, does more than just mark the topic or keywords in a tweet. Businesses can use this to grow their accounts by increasing their exposure. The writer offers ideas for using the hashtag to a business’s advantage.

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