Weekly Link Round Up – 12-30-11

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2011 Social Media Hits and Misses (

The year 2011 was a big one for social media, as mediums such as Twitter and Facebook found worldwide attention through events such as the Day of Rage in Cairo. At the same time, it was also a year of memorable blunders. Soshable takes a review of these.

Five Social Media Trends for 2012 (

As 2011 comes to a close, predictions for Social Media’s future in 2012 come to light. Some trends to look out for in the upcoming year include the rise of Content Marketing, and the convergence of marketing, technology, and data.

Top Social Media Acquisitions of 2011 (

Speaking of 2011 in review, the year was also one for acquisitions, as smaller services were acquired by social media superpowers such as Facebook, Twitter, HubSpot and Google. Popular blogs were also acquired by bigger companies AOL and Say Media.

3 Ways Taste Graphs will Fuel Social Commerce in 2012 (

While social commerce in the past had been more about broadcasting than actual interaction, today’s social commerce experience isn’t complete without some form of interactivity. Taste graphs bring interactivity to commerce, reaching out to people by showing them what they want.

Is the Golden Age of tech blogging over? (

It is true that blogging has been eclipsed by the fast-paced interactive media from giants such as Facebook and Twitter. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that blogging is dead. As Brian Solis shows, you have a choice as a content creator, curator or consumer.

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