Weekly Link Roundup: 01-07-10

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Viral Victory: Homeless Man With The Golden Voice Gets a Dream Job (TIME)

It’s only been the first week of the first month of the New Year and a lot of things have already happened in the digital front. Let’s start this week’s link roundup on a bright and happy note. Early this week, a Columbia Dispatch videographer saw a homeless man claiming to have a “God-given gift of voice” asking for change in Ohio. He posted a video of him saying a few lines on YouTube and after more than a million hits, Ted Williams now has job offers coming from every corner. The power of the Internet never ceases to amaze us.

30 Social Media Predictions From 30 Social Media Pros (

Thirty of the most forward-thinking social media strategists come together to present their predictions about the industry for this year. Overall, it seems everyone has high hopes for social media. Social media will become an accepted marketing approach and many will try to find more ways to raise its potential.

The Most Visited Website of 2010 (

No, it’s not Google. But we’re not at all surprised that Facebook took the top spot for the Most Visited Website of 2010. For companies and brands that still haven’t embraced Social Media, now is the time to open their arms wide. Strategies involving Facebook and other social media platforms can greatly leverage your business.

Is Apple about to Make a Big Announcement – #ipad2 #Verizon iPhone? (

There are speculations that Apple might announce the launch of new products early this year. Many fans are saying it might be an iPad 2. What does this entail for social media and mobile networking this year? We’ll find out soon enough.

Social Production vs. Consumption (

Consumers today are more intelligent and savvy than ever. Time-honed tricks won’t work as potently on them. They know what they want and have the power to find it on their own. Social media marketing integrates itself into the tools that consumers use to find what currently interests them, without being intrusive.

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